JEFA Paper of Year

The "JEFA Best Paper" is awarded for outstanding contributions to the theory and/or practice of economics and finance science, documented in a paper published in the Journal of Economics and Financial Analysis. The Editors of JEFA review the content published over the course of a year and will nominate papers for the shortlist of each calendar year. The editorial board of JEFA will vote on the best paper. In case of equality of votes, the award is given jointly. We honor those contributions below.

2017:"Inequality and Sovereign Default under Democracy"
Yong Kyun KIM
2018:"Factors Influencing Cryptocurrency Prices: Evidence from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litcoin, and Monero"
2019:"A Modified Risk Parity Method for Asset Allocation"
Akhilesh MAEWAL & Joel R. BOCK